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Zeon RS3-G1

Features and Benefits

These sipes are Cooper's trademarked technology used to stabilize the tread elements and provide remarkably responsive handling. 3-D Micro-Gauge Sipes provide stability and traction in both wet and dry conditions. They extend the full-depth of the wearable tread which also enhances the worn appearance and contributes to even treadwear throughout the life of the tire.

The RS3-G1 utilizes 3-D full-depth siping technology. This technology allows the sipes to go deep into the tread element, down to 2/32nds. Therefore, at half-worn the RS3-G1 has siping left to provide biting edges, keeping the performance consistent and enhancing the worn look of the tire.

Cooper's trademarked visual wear indicator design allows you to approximate the tread life remaining on your tires. Knowing the approximate tread life remaining on your tires can give you more confidence in your vehicle.

Advanced technology mold profile provides for a square tread footprint with an even distribution of weight across the footprint. The flat, square design of the tire creates quick, stable handling and uniform treadwear for opimal tire performance.

The performance of the RS3-G1 begins at the molecular level and in the coupled silica tread compound. The Coupled Silica Tread Compound used in the RS3-G1 is specially formulated to provide maximum dry and wet traction enabling the tire to grip and hold the road in all kinds of driving conditions.

"The RS3-G1's atractive tread design isnt just for looks! There's more rubber on outside shoulder and intermediate rib to grip and provide stability during cornering maneuvers, not to mention to reduce tire noise. The advanced design of the inboard tread has been optimized for wet and light snow conditions with a higher sipe density on the inboard portion. We've also included Cooper's Winter-Edge in the center grooves of the tread to support grip and handling in light snow conditions.
Advanced 5-rib asymmetric tread pattern design reduces irregular wear by allowing tires to be rotated from one side of the car to the other. The result is sustained tire performance with even wear, less noise, and increased overall tread life. "

"A new optimized dual pitch sequence ensures lower tire noise.

The tire's wide, tread arc creates a stable, even wearing footprint, which provides plenty of road gripping rubber.

UHP CONSTRUCTION "The sidewall is designed with a stiff rubber component inside the tire. Its purpose is to translate steering inputs from the rim to the road. The unique design of this bead filler component makes the RS3-G1 have a quick response providing feedback and confidence on the road.

The rim protector extends beyond the rim flange and reduces the likelihood of rim damage that can occur if a curb is scuffed.

A nylon overwrap combats centrifugal force under high-speed applications."

The winter-edge feature creates a higher snow grip area in the tread by locking onto snow and enhancing the snow-on-snow grip that ultimately provides better traction in adverse winter driving conditions. Recessed geometry does not interrupt flow of water for good hydroplane resistance.

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205/45R17 160056017 $141.99 More Info
215/45R17 160044017 $135.99 More Info
215/45R18 160060017 $159.99 More Info
215/50R17 160057017 $144.99 More Info
215/55R17 160058017 $146.99 More Info
225/40R18 160030017 $155.99 More Info
225/45R17 160040017 $136.99 More Info
225/45R18 160061017 $172.99 More Info
225/50R17 160080017 $150.99 More Info
235/40R18 160059017 $176.99 More Info
235/45R17 160041017 $151.99 More Info
235/50R17 160068017 $159.99 More Info
235/50R18 160046017 $175.99 More Info
235/55R17 160043017 $151.99 More Info
245/40R17 160053017 $164.99 More Info
245/40R18 160045017 $186.99 More Info
245/40R19 160021017 $215.99 More Info
245/45R17 160042017 $173.99 More Info
245/45R18 160023017 $178.99 More Info
245/45R20 160025017 $223.99 More Info
245/50R16 160082017 $169.99 More Info
245/55R18 160064017 $201.99 More Info
255/35R19 160065017 $216.99 More Info
255/45R20 160066017 $211.99 More Info
265/35R20 160076017 $286.99 More Info
275/40R17 160055017 $175.99 More Info
275/40R20 160028017 $243.99 More Info
285/35R19 160070017 $274.99 More Info
305/35R20 160077017 $245.99 More Info
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